Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Two for the Price of One

Today you are lucky and will receive two pieces of advice from Matt and Sam.

Important Piece of Advice #1:

If your coworker is sick and there is any way to get them chamomile tea, you should do that. They will get better, you will be less likely to get sick, and they will like you more. Which is good, since Sam's difficult to work with.

Important Piece of Advice #2:

Matt and Sam feel that if you are going to go on vacation you should take a break from blogging. To that end, Matt and Sam will take a break from bossing you around until Sam and her boyfriend return from vacation two weeks from now. In the meantime, we ask that you please refrain from sending your usual stream of fan mail.

The people in this picture are not Sam and her boyfriend.


Anonymous careY said...

Hold back my fan mail?? Aw shucks, my daily routine is ruined. Thanks a lot Matt and Sam...

6:24 PM  

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